The Tilbury Kinsmen Club was first chartered back in 1966. The charter began with 23 members and today has a membership of 13. Over the years members have come and gone. Today we still have 2 of our members that were part of the original charter and are still actively supporting our community. Still having fun after 41 years.

The Kinsmen club was founded by Harold Allin Rogers and ten other men on February 20,1920 in the Nankeen Cafe in Hamilton, Ontario. This group formed our association's first club... The Kinsmen Club of Hamilton. Next came a club in Montreal, then Winnipeg, then Vancouver. Kinsmen & Kinette clubs are the largest ALL CANADIAN service groups in Canada.

Our Kin motto is Serving The Communities Greatest Needs.

Over the years the Tilbury Kinsmen Club have been supporters of local events such as The Tilbury Family Fun Fest, Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Claus Parade, and The Tilbury Help & Information Centre.

In addition to our local commitments, the Tilbury Kinsmen Club along with the Kin Clubs of Canada, support The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The relationship with kin and CF started on a barstool back in 1963. In 1987 the Association of Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Canada adopted CF as our National Service Project. In the past 42 years we have raised over $32 million dollars to help young Canadians fight cystic fibrosis.

The Tilbury Kinsmen Club meets every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month,September through June.The meetings are held at the The Kinsmen Clubhouse & guests are always welcomed.Fellowship is at 5 pm,Dinner at 6:30 pm, & meeting at 7:00 pm.We are the only club in the association to hold meetings on Friday nights.We believe in having fun while supporting our community.

If you'd like to give something back to your community, The Tilbury Kinsmen Club is for you.As a kinsmen member,you will have access to personal,professional, & leadership development to help be a better  young man in your community.There is no better feeling than being a volunteer & being proud of the work you've done for others.If you are a young man & want to be a part of our association, please contact any member.

For information on how to join a kinsmen or kinette club in your community,please log onto www.kincanada.ca 

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